About us

Brain-Gym is a socio-commercial organization that aims to help children realize true brain potential and work with them to achieve the same.
Brain-Gym is a product of our years of experience in teaching/training in combination with years of research on our brain by various organizations and institutes around the world.

Why Brain Gym?

Because gymming requires long term vision, discipline and perseverance period.

Similar to our body, our mind too requires some kind of training to grow, develop and remain fit. We at Brain-Gym firmly believe that a child not only needs to be shown what to do but also requires hand holding and mentoring when it comes to mind power. We are proud to be MFT – Mind Fitness Trainer to hundreds of children. Fitness is not an overnight phenomenon. It requires hours of practice, patience and discipline. At Brain-Gym, our focus is not only to give child short term benefits like super memory, concentration, focus etc. but also to provide an opportunity to optimize his/her brain power and unleash the hidden potential.

About Brain:

Educational research has always emphasized initial years as the golden period of a child. It is a crucial period when a child builds his fundamental abilities. Our education system is designed in such a way that it requires a child to follow facts and figures, laying little emphasis on their own creativity. Every child has got his own talent and area of interests.

Human Brain is divided laterally into two hemisphere, the right brain and the left brain. Although they are designed to work together, each has a vastly unique personalities and abilities. To some extent it can be said that right brain and left brain has exactly opposite working characteristics.

Left brain deals with facts and figures and is very logical whereas right brain deals with creativity and works with images. The midbrain is located between the two developmental regions of the brain known as the forebrain and hindbrain which plays an important role in awakening our sub conscious mind and increases our brain power and is a bridge to connect the left and right brain.

In order to maintain a correct balance between left, right and mid brain, over all development of brain is very important. By planting seeds of education through overall brain development pathway, i.e. through left, right and mid brain your child’s mind will have rich library of information and as you all will agree, seeds sown properly at young age will give a healthy tree. It will naturally crave the child to learn more.

The role of BRAIN GYM is to reach out to them in this stage which allows us to understand and develop their brain. The idea is to provide input through all the five senses. We nurture them to excel in their areas of interest, resulting in a happy child and happier parents.

The purpose of education in future will not be to create heads crammed full of knowledge. Training children with enormous ability, rich creativity and capability to know how to efficiently use their brain should be the goal of child rearing.

“Children should be taught HOW to think and not WHAT to think.”

It is not about how good your child is. It is about how good you want your child to be and it is in your hands.

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Mr. M.S. Cheema – Chief Administrator, Holy Child English School

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Dr. J.K.Joshi, Principal, Shree Raj Educational Center, M.A., M.D., C.M.M.D.(A.M.) Ph.D.

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